About Abu Dhabi Chess & Culture Club
Since the first launch of Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club in 1979, it has been bearing the responsibility of support of Chess movement in the country, to play an active role among the chess family embraced by Emirates Chess Federation, where the club has witnessed an overwhelming response from the lovers and players of chess to emphasize the importance of the presence of this castle of sports in the capital Abu Dhabi. In the beginning of 1981, Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club got official promulgation by the Supreme Council of Youth and Sports then; and this has, in turn, urged the Board of Directors of the club to extend its activities and to concentrate on spreading the Game of Chess in a manner providing the chance before all citizens and resident immigrants who have the desire to practice the Game of Chess in a deliberate and practical manner, where the number of club members reached about 500 members practicing their hobbies inside the club.

Objectives of the club
  • Raising Cultural level, enhancing knowledge and spreading of the Game of Chess among the members of the club in order to deepen its understanding and help in the mastery of its performance.
  • Providing services to all members of the club through preparation of all possible ways to practice different aspects of constructive activity.
  • Giving opportunities to club members to develop their culture and fill their sparetimes by beneficial matter, while strengthening friendship and cordiality among them.
  • Approving the Game of Chess as one of the means for developing members' ideas, understanding hereof, encouraging and developing fans hobbies to achieve performance while concentrating on Juniors Sector.
  • Working upon strengthening of relationships and cooperation among the club and other bodies having similar aims, in order to contribute in the creation of a generation enjoying high mental abilities and depending on culture and knowledge, especially with the educational sector and schools.
  • Taking part in different local, Arab and International activities, in the Cultural field and in the Game of chess.
  • All those objectives are for serving the civilizational and cultural heritage of UAE.
Strategy of the club:

Based upon those concepts, the Board of Directors of the club has put into its mind the development of a strategy for achieving the desired aims through the coming five years, represented in the following:
  • Contribution in game spreading at all levels and attending all chess events locally and internationally.
  • Support of local chess movement through participation in all chess tournaments.
  • Forming specialized external camps for distinguished citizen players to raise their technical level and to give them the opportunity to get international levels.
  • Backing the club up with specialized cadres to develop the suitable technical plan and bringing the means of information technology necessary in this field.
  • Dedication of all possible means in order for the name of the United Arab Emirates to exist in international circle in a manner suitable to it position.
  • Incorporation of the Game of Chess in academic curriculum, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Education Council and making use of European experiences in this field.
  • Exerting efforts to get advanced international titles in the game within the coming three years (International Master- Grand Master).
  • Hosting international tournaments, including chess World Tournament for the purpose of incorporating the name of Abu Dhabi City on the world chess map.
  • Developing Abu Dhabi International Festival which will enter its eighteenth year in 2008.
International ranking:

Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club incorporates a number of citizen players, internationally classified, where their number reached 24 players, including two players bearing the titles of Master of Chess International Federation.

Annual Tournaments organized by Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club
  • Open National Day Chess Tournament.
  • Abu Dhabi International Festival (under participation of a number of the best international players of those who bear titles and who are internationally classified).
  • Ramadan Tournament.
  • tournament of Abu Dhabi District for all educational phases.
  • Ramadan Tournament.
  • Tournament of Governmental Institutions for Chess Teams.
  • Tournament of Governmental Institutions for Chess Teams.
  • Abu Dhabi Tournament of Blitz chess.
  • Several closed Tournaments of club members.
  • Open Tournaments for Juniors (under 16-14-12-10-8 years).
Local tournaments in which the club takes part annually:
All tournaments organized by Emirates chess Federation.

External tournament and camps:

Club players have represented the country since its establishment- in world tournaments in different categories, in addition to chess Olympics held periodically each two year.

Moreover, it takes part in special international chess festivals and international tournaments that fit its players annually within summer season in order for club players to gain experience and contact.