Club Potential to Prepare Chess Generation
Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club works within its clear strategy on the preparation of an advanced chess generation through its members who exceed some hundreds representing different categories of Abu Dhabi Community in order to enable Abu Dhabi to become one of the important centers of chess sport in the world and in order for the club to be an important place for making leaders in this field.

For this end, the club provides:
  • Administrative services which ensure arrival of club members from their houses to the club to get training and participate in competitions and tournaments.
  • Professional technical training by providing a stuff of trainers of different nationalities who have experience in this sport and whose efforts have lead to club players' winnings of advanced positions in local and international tournaments and festivals.
  • School students who are members in the club needs programs which take care of their school conditions, and this is what the club works for due to its keenness on the successful academic achievement a breast of the turnout to take part in training, competitions and tournaments inside or outside the UAE, in the field of preparation and participation in different international activities.
  • Provision of all potentials, including hardware, software, recent technology; the matter which helps in the development of the technical levels of the players.
  • The club provides all services, including all services like transportation, educational aids, professionalism programs and monthly rewards of its members.
  • Holding local and international competitions aiming at strengthening the skills and experiences of club players through contact with other players, especially international players.
  • Holding chess symposiums and courses to identify the arts of this sport, its great figures, its leader and the tournaments held for it.