Bright spots and Outstanding achievements
Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club has, through tournaments, competitions and festivals organized by it or in which it has taken part inside or outside the UAE, achieved advanced results and outstanding success crowning its players who have always been keen to establish their presence as champions and holders of advanced positions.

The club has got the titles of Emirates Tournament for Juniors, Emirates Individual Tournament, in addition to tournaments of cubs, individual tournaments and tournaments of High schools. Moreover, the club has been able to snatch the title of Emirates champion for Dynamic chess Teams, in addition to Dubai Cup Juniors, the title of the General Tournament for Youth Teams, the title of Emirates Individual Champion, and titles of Emirates Champion for Men, universities and Blitz chess. The club has won those tournaments for more than one time and in different years.

In addition, the club has also mounted the throne of World Tournament of chess schools for the category of 17 years and has got the title of Arab Chess Tournament for category of 18 years.

Perhaps the most prominent bright spots of the club is that it has a group of citizen players of international classification, whose numbers reach 24 players, including two players bearing the titles of the Master of International Chess Federation.

The tournaments organized by Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club on annual basis include the Open National Day Chess Tournament, Abu Dhabi International Festival, organized for eighteen years, Ramadan Tournament, in addition to Governmental Institutions Chess Tournaments for individuals and teams, Abu Dhabi Blitz Chess Tournament, Closed Tournaments for Club Members and Open Tournaments for Juniors. There is also Manazel Festival organized in the summer of 2008. Moreover, the club is working upon the extension of its chess activity by organizing several annual activities such as the Cultural Day, recreational trips and colonies Tournament.

The players of the club participate in chess Olympics held each two years, in addition to International Festivals announced by the club.

One of the highlights that must take our attention is the indication to Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival organized by the club with all capacities. Such festival has been hosted by Abu Dhabi annually along the last 18 years, including champions, masters and various tournaments. This is what has contributed in the enhancement of Abu Dhabi chess reputation and position in the world as a result of embracing this successful annual world event along those long years.