21st Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival

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See online Games on: http://www.abudhabichess.com/online
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Download Games file of Masters tournament Round : 1, 2, 3456 , 7 , 8 , 9 

See Live Commentary by GM Ivan Sokolov on: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/adchess
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Abu Dhabi Chess Festival Committee has the honor of inviting you to take part in this distinguished chess annual event in Abu Dhabi city the capital of the UAE. This event includes many FIDE registered tournaments.


Abu Dhabi chess & Culture Club organizes this event in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Sport Council. Abu Dhabi chess & Culture Club monitors the tournament making sure it’s in line with the FIDE chess rules and regulations.


General Information
1-Visa: The organizing committee will provide a visa for those wishing to participate from abroad, according to legal procedures of the UAE, after receiving the application along with a copy of the passport before 15/07/2014.

Festival Venue location map:

2-The organizing committee shall provide special rates for participants who wish to stay in hotels as below:

3-How to get to Abu Dhabi:
Participants from abroad can come through Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dubai International Airport or Sharjah International, which is 180 km distance from Abu Dhabi.

Festival Tournaments

1. Masters Tournament: This is exclusive to above 2000 elo rating with the exception of Abu Dhabi chess players.
-The tournament is using the Swiss system of 9 rounds. 90 Min for each player with 30 sec increment for each move. The organizing committee shall provide free accommodation in 5 stars hotel for rated players 2500 and above (NB: prior approval from the committee is a must to obtain the accommodation facility).

 The Open Tournament: Participation is open to all who wish to participate; player under 2000 elo rating. The tournament is using the Swiss system 9 rounds. 90 min for each player with 30 sec increment for each move.

 Junior Tournament under 16 years: This tournament is exclusive for those who are born from 1998 onwards. Swiss system 7 rounds. 60 Min for each player with 10 sec increment for each move. The top four from each age group (16 year- ; 14 year-; 12 year-; 10 year-) will qualify for the final. The final will be played on the (knock out system).
**only Juniors rated players are eligible to play in both tournaments ( open tournament and juniors tournament ) during the festival.  

 Blitz tournament: to be held in Swiss system of 11 rounds, 3 min + 2 sec increment.

 Simultaneous: to be held by a renowned international GM in coordination with the committee.

 Media and journalists tournament: Participation is limited to Journalists.

 Homeland protectors’ tournament: Participation is limited to members of the military and police.

The Tournament Schedule

Tournament Prizes in U.S. dollars

International Masters Tournaments Participants