Chairman Message

 During the years of his persistent work, Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club has achieved several accomplishments through which it has proved that it has potentials and capabilities that enable it to establish distinguished chess culture in Abu Dhabi in which he has been able to take part in local, Arab and international tournaments and got advanced positions and international titles.

In this context, I can only express my thanks and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed Al- Nahyan, National Security Advisor and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Sports Council for sponsoring the athletes, which in turn, has contributed in the growth of UAE sports. I also praise the support and efforts of His Highness Sheikh Tahanon Bin Zayed Al- Nahyan, the Chairman of the Club who has contributed in the growth of the game of chess at all levels.

I would like to pay tribute to the place reached by the UAE through the club thanks to its policies and plans in the fields of training, preparation and organization of local tournaments at the individual and team levels, in all age groups and in different occasions in the country.

I would also like to praise international participations through organization of activities in Abu Dhabi or through sending the teams representing the club which made us used to winning of advanced positions.

The spread of chess culture in Abu Dhabi with this manner attracting attention, together with the preparation of the current generation of champions and practitioners of this sport in addition to getting some international titles by some of them is in itself an indicator on the success of the club in its mission and on the position occupied by Abu Dhabi, currently referred to as one of the distinguished chess centers in the world.

I wish the family of the club, including the players and training authority more success in order to promote the distinguished position achieved by the club through constructive communication with Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

Hussein Abdullah Khouri

Chairman of the Board of Directors