Highlights on Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club
The concerned parties expect that Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club, with the starting point of 1979, will be the axis of chess sport in the United Arab Emirates, where it will get a distinguished place on the regional, Arab and International level. The club has deepened chess concept for citizen and resident youth and has spread such concept to attract the attention of hundred members towards the club, where all potentials and training facilities are provided by providing competent technical training stuff getting their experience from well- known international levels, in addition to provision of practical training through camps, local activities, regional and international tournaments which have been really considered a productive and rich field for giving which has provided lots of UAE Citizens with different international titles and names.

Since the official promulgation of the club in 1981 by the Supreme Council of Youth and Sports, it has been exerting all efforts in organization, training and various participations to prove chess presence of the UAE, even its excellence in its different tournaments. By such the expected aspirations of the club have been achieved and here is the United Arab Emirates witnessing a chess growth of which it is proud through the various activities organized locally or through those international activities and festivals held inside or outside UAE in a manner attracting attention and clarifying the fast efforts exerted by those in charge of the club who are implementing the reasonable leadership of UAE in order to implement the policy of regional and world spread and to establish the place of the country in the different levels of such cultural sport.